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ACM Student Research Lab

ACM Student Research Lab (ACM-SRL) is one of the activities carried out in ACM Assiut Student Chapter(ACM-ASC). The aim of the student research lab is providing undergraduate/graduate/master/PhD students with the required skills to present their research ideas, working in a team work, and adapt the science to serve their communities. The research lab provides the mentioned students with a major supervisor during their research work, research ideas, and training about how to write a scientific paper.

The ACM-SRL pays a primary attention on the system research papers. System research papers are the research papers that re-use existing techniques and technologies to produce a new system for solving a scientific problem. The reason for making the primary attention on the system research papers is to give students the chance to learn about existing techniques in their interest research point. In addition, other types of research papers are supported. If you are interested to participate in the student research lab, you must be aware about the basics of our research fields. Then you can join with an existing team that is working in this research area. When the team is completed, the supervisors of the ACM-SRL will provide the team members with tutorials about how to write a scientific paper and supporting them with a supervisor for producing their research project and participating in international journals and conferences.

We invite you to join us in ACM-SRL and discuss your research interests with our research groups. By joining us, many opportunities for you to participate in research projects and creative activities. Through these experiences, you share the excitement of discovery and developing important skills.

Faculty of Computers and Information, Assiut University, Assiut, Egypt.
Email: assuit.acm@gmail.com

Our Research

1- OCR System for Poor Quality Images Using Chain-Code Representation ( More )